Thursday, 19 December 2013

Conversion at the Steampunk Garden Mission

    Keeping in the Steampunk Faith

Steampunk gardens are a vast wilderness left unexplored 

 Converting  one's  garden on a  steampunk mission with visionary dreams 

 all the  prerequisite steampunk elements are contained within: the science of botany, engineering as an  art form, recycled and repurposed; pushing  the frontiers and boundaries of your  wild imaginings

 Whether you have wooded acres, bare land, the confines of a small courtyard,  the walk of a small balcony or verandah - your garden's soul can be converted and transformed in the steampunk stream of consciousness.

Rambling gothic charm  holding deep dark secrets and mystery


  [only for the intrepid]

Take a safari through  the aether lens

Here we have a majestic and hallowed  archway to another world  on our spiritual journey

 exotic and intrepid in the occidental flavour 

 Art Nouveau  filigree in a stylised philodendron style

the  oriental moon gate, circular contoured for luck

a discreet side entrance shadowed and off the street


  be baptised  in the joyful cleansing of a water feature

Create ones own spiritual haven 

 Rivers deep and wide 

 or  somewhere  juts to dip ones toes in 


 Setting out for a Medieval crusade

This checker board   court  can be constructed easily  with alternating paving squares,  vinyl   or painted for effect.

To build oneself a mission in the Tropics.

The conservatory or courtyard  is open to  conversion for a steamy indoor sanctuary

  Icons, statuary, water font  all lit from heaven above.

[ an unused green house could be converted for this use ]

 Take time to explore the possibilities of store bought  contrivance to aid  the greater plan


  retro  and vintage  garden furniture , urns , ornaments, pavers, plants & pots can be collected from all over the countryside and taken home as plundered treasure.

 Old paint,  junk, gates, ironmongery,  wire, wheels, the weird and wonderful are all welcome in the steampunk garden.  Anything and everything can be reincarnated with a next life of its own.

Horse of the post  Apocalypse

 a different take on a garden tea party


There is room in here for  wind turbine or solar panel emplacement


Genuine NZ Kiwi steampunk


The Trinity of   the nostalgic  garden form.


Ancient country garden  

Gothic hanging tendrils

or Amazonian jungle 


'come in and   please close the gate behind you'


  1. Begging you to tell me the name of the flower in the second photo from the top (the photo below the one with the tire). I am interested in the flowers featured on the right, an old-fashioned rose color, that look vaguely like poppies. Please tell me that name. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for inquiring Clatchapuss. I believe that is a Shirley poppy. Seeds and seedlings are easy to obtain. I have grown them myself in previous gardens. It is indeed a beautiful bloom.