Sunday, 16 November 2014

Maintaining a Steamier Side to Your Life { while under duress & oppression}



 You may not own  a castle. You may be in a rented room with just a cot. Maybe you inhabit a dilapidated squat.

Don't let  living in  mundane  surrounds be a spanner in the cogs.

You too can still  steampunk  up  your living spot.

  So one way or another you are living under someone else roof or not in your forever home.  Your co habitors are stuck in  groove and wont let you go loose.  For what ever reason you are halted from going full steam ahead.  Don't let that hold you back from  keeping   a steamier side to your life.

  Stage dressing  is by  its very nature a temporary and ephemeral thing .  It can be packed up easily and relocated  to the next venue.

Painted Ladies

  Anything can be transformed or electrified  with a paint design or effect.

   The drama of life is merely all  mirrors and lighting.

Industrial style & metal tubing furniture  creates a theme in any room.

 Bamboo & cane   suites can be  jazzed up with  chrome, gold , bronze or brass  alchemy - or spray paint .

   The appropriate accoutrement are always apropos to creating  the mood .



 drift off to sleep in the aether

 cushions, curtains, clocks, wall coverings

Make sure you have  a map to navigate your  zeppelins when hunting the  giant kraken. All the best aviators have them.

 Fancy window dressing will give a final curtain call for the  room division, with a shower of applause

Having  just the correct chronometer is precision


  Sail through your time with a vintage ships clock

 or put your life  in a box with a   alarm clock / radio


 Put it up there in neon lights

 Even the most miserly tenement slum lord  will let  one hang wall art.

If you are really  lucky  you can take liberties  and have the  full on freedom of artistic  expression with an entire wall

trompe 'l'oeil for  realistic looking  drama

 The other option  is enlarging some one else's art for a wall mural.

 There are businesses that specialise in  blowing up photos and other images for full impact.

 A genuine vintage  theatre backdrop for your main room or own private space.


Impress your guests  and  render the landlord speechless by  creating your own  theatrical  human Diorama of life.

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